Allen's digital expertise and experiences pre-dates other digital organ builders by nearly two decades. Perhaps the best proof of Allen's quality is the satisfaction earned by the more than 80,000 instruments that have been purchased worldwide. An ever-growing number of Allen consoles are being installed to replace ailing pipe consoles and supply additional pipe sounds that are indistinguishable from their wind-blown counterparts.

  • Backed by a ten-year parts warranty, Allen Organs require no periodic maintenance or tuning. In the unlikely event that an Allen requires service, it is performed by our factory-trained Allen technicians. These representatives keep a supply of spare parts on hand for quick response to service needs. The modular design of our products ensures quick and easy service, without the necessity for on-site soldering.
  • Every Allen is a beauty to behold! From the smallest to the largest, every Allen organ is made by craftsmen whose pride in their work is obvious. Using only the finest materials and construction techniques, they produce instruments that are built to last over generations.
  • Finally, every Allen Organ is built in Macungie, Pennsylvania, USA in the heart of "Pennsylvania Dutch Country." Utilizing the world's largest organ factory, Allen builds components that other organ manufacturers buy from third parties. This unique in-house manufacturing makes it possible for Allen to offer incomparable quality at competitive prices and also ensures the long-term availability of service parts.