As the alto member of the orchestral string family, the viola plays an important harmonic role, yet is also capable of soloistic virtuosity. Violas are slightly larger than violins and have a range that extends a fifth below that of a violin. Due to the instrument's size and range, viola music is written primarily in alto clef, but violists are often required to play in treble clef as well. Like violins, violas are sized incrementally for younger players and are classified according to inches; any viola less than 15-inches from tailpiece to heel is considered a student-sized instrument.

Unlike piano, in which pitch and tone quality are determined solely by the instrument itself, the viola requires a great amount of skill and training to achieve an in-tune, pleasant sound. Violists use their left hand to hold the instrument and change pitch while manipulating a bow with the right hand to produce sound. The dexterity required to become a proficient violist makes this a very challenging instrument! Our viola instructors at Pellegrino Fine Arts Academy are highly-qualified professionals with the knowledge and experience to help students of all ages and ability levels achieve their musical goals!


What are the benefits of viola lessons?

  • One-on-one, individualized instruction tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Our instructors teach proper hand position, bowing technique, posture, and correct bad habits that may impede a student's progress
  • Students are introduced to viola literature (solos, etudes, and chamber works) written by foremost composers for that instrument
  • Our instructors can recommend the proper size and appropriate-level viola to match a student's age, size, and ability level

Pellegrino Fine Arts Academy viola lessons cost $112.00 per month. For your $112.00, you receive four lessons: one per week, each 30 minutes in length. In months with five weeks, we do charge for the fifth week of lessons, bringing your tuition to $140.00 for a five-week month. There is a one-time registration fee of $30.00 for all new students, with a discounted registration fee of $20.00 for each additional family member.

With our program, you are under no obligation to enroll for any "set" period of time - you can begin lessons whenever you like and can discontinue at any time. Payment is through our automated billing system and is charged to your choice of credit or debit card on the the first of each month for the month in advance.

For further information or to enroll, please contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 330-498-8400. We look forward to hearing from you!

Available Instructors:

Barb Hutson