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Classroom Sound Systems

Pellegrino Pro Sound uses the best technology in the industry to make your classroom a place where students can hear clearly, collaborate effectively, and share their learning in new, exciting ways. With our sound systems, you can:

Classroom ConnectionsEngage the whole class

Teachers wear a small mic to ensure students hear, understand, and gain insights by creating excellent speech intelligibility and even distribution of sound.

Activate group learning

Pods placed in small groups provide teachers insights to student needs in real-time, while providing students the autonomy that encourages collaborative learning.

Collaborate and share ideas

Lightspeed's instructional audio and video solutions reveal hidden insights to learning that are otherwise missed by students and teachers. Our Access product line engages the whole classroom, ensuring every student can clearly hear through low-volume, highly intelligible sound that is evenly distributed through the classroom.

Classrooms equipped with sound reinforcement solutions benefit teachers, students, and the education system as a whole. With even sound distribution, lessons are easily heard no matter where students are seated. Attention and concentration are raised, especially in the back of the room. Teachers no longer strain their voices and the system can easily integrate with existing in-classroom multimedia teaching tools such as computers and DVD players for a single source audio control.

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